Saturday Morning Science logo - University of Missouri, Coumbia MOSaturday Morning Science (SMS) is back for the fall 2015 semester at the University of Missouri (MU)! The talks are held on most Saturdays through the semester, and they always start at 10:30 am, with donuts, bagels, juice, and coffee available from 10 am. Since no food or drink is allowed in the auditorium, allow time to finish eating before the talk.

The next talk is this Saturday, September 5, 2015, 10:30 am: New Horizons on Pluto by Angela Speck, Department of Physics and Astronomy. “Pluto has been capturing our imagination since its discovery 85 yrs ago. It is nearly a decade since Pluto it lost its planethood, but the space probe New Horizons has just visited that tiny orb and now we know more than ever before about the erstwhile planet. We will see the fabulous new images and learn about the new scientific results and their impact on our understand of Pluto, planets, the solar system and its formation.” Angela is always a fun and interesting speaker, so do not miss this talk! She is also likely to mention the upcoming solar eclipse in August 2017.

The full schedule for this semester is not on the Website yet. We will update the FCMo calendar when it is.

Saturday Morning Science is a wonderful, public-friendly talk by researchers on topics of general interest, and includes information on their own research. SMS is for all ages! Note: If younger children can have quiet drawing/coloring-type activities, even they can often sit through the talks. The talks last about an hour with Q&A time at the end. The series is offered on the MU campus in Monsanto Auditorium, Bond Life Sciences Center, on most Saturdays during the fall and spring semesters. Parking is free in the MU parking garages. Virginia Avenue Garage is the closest, and generally the best place to park. If there is a home football game or lots of other events happening at the same time, University Avenue Garage is the best alternative.

If you miss a talk, all of them are recorded, so you do not have to miss out. Talks from previous semesters are in the Multimedia section of the Saturday Morning Science page. Alternately, many talks are available for free on iTunes.

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