Tonight, at 7 pm, Cosmic Conversations is about The Day That Time Began. The presentation will be in room 114 of the MU Physics Building (701 S College Ave). Note that this is a different room than Cosmic Conversations is usually held in. Wouter Montfrooij (Physics & Astronomy) will talk about how 13.8 billion years ago there was no time. And then … there was time. And space. This is the story of the Big Bang, the story of our Universe, as well as the story of us. Hear what the Universe was like when it was smaller than an atom, and how galaxies emerged from chaos.

Parking is available in the Virginia Avenue Garage. You may find something closer in a faculty/staff street parking lot (check the sign to be sure the lot is available after 5 pm, or street parking if the students leave a spot open!