Laws Observatory - Columbia MO
The weather is great! The skies are clear! What a great day to go to Laws Observatory!

The observatory is open every Wednesday, from 8-10 pm. The exceptions are overcast skies/bad weather or if there is a major holiday on or near that Wednesday. The observatory is located at the top of University of Missouri Physics Building (701 S College Ave). The observatory and adjacent museum/display room are operated by members of the Central Missouri Astronomical Association. See what exciting things are going on the in the sky tonight! Share this using the buttons at the bottom of the post!

Laws Observatory - Columbia MO

Laws Observatory Quick Info
Schedule: Wed, 8-10 pm (weather permitting, closed holiday evenings)
Location: Physics Bldg, University of Missouri, 701 S College Ave, Columbia, MO 65211
Central Missouri Astronomical Association:
Parking available at Virginia Avenue Garage:; also street parking and lots are available near the Physics Building—check signs at the lot or space to ensure it is not restricted.