Tips for Using the FCMo Calendar

The (FCMo) calendar was created as a Google calendar. We strive to include as much relevant detail as possible:

  • Title, including name of event, a short description of location, and quick details such as ages, restrictions, and/or if an RSVP or registration may be required.
    • As we also feature “almost free” events ($1.00 max), this cost is clearly noted at the beginning the title.
  • Where (location) will have the most accurate known address for use by the Google maps link, as well as for GPS users.
  • Description
    • source and/or contact information; registration contacts; links
    • registration: If registration is noted, whether that is required or optional and if there is a deadline
    • if applicable, parking information
    • any other relevant details

Access / Viewing With Your Calendar

If you use a Google/Gmail calendar, this is how to subscribe to the FCMo calendar:

  • In the left column, see the the Other Calendar section.
  • In the Add a Friend’s Calendar box, type/insert the Calendar ID: [email protected]

Then you can toggle the calendar viewing on and off by clicking on in your list and when events are viewed, you can copy events of interest to your calendar.

If you use iCal (or any calendar product that supports the iCal format), you can subscribe to the FCMo calendar: