There are so many free wonderful opportunities in and around Columbia, Missouri, Rebecca built a habit of finding them so her family could learn from and experience all these fun events! After friends expressed repeated interest in having access to these resources, we (Rebecca and Paul) created (FCMo).

Even though all of this info is available, most people do not have or want to spend the time and energy gathering all the info, and learning where to look. Subsequently, we try to bring you all the great free events and activities in Columbia!

If this site is useful to you, we appreciate your support: First of all…Tell others about FCMo! If you find this site useful and are able, please consider a donation to help us with the costs of this service (including time, web hosting, domain renewal). The Donate button is on the right. Thank you for using FCMo!

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Now, more about FCMo:

  • Our listings are for scheduled events or activities. Some events are just for fun, and many are also educational, to gain experience and to get to know a business or organization and what they are about. If you are interested in a resource for local free stuff, check out FreeCycleColumbiaMo [].
  • As our tagline says, …for free activities: Accordingly, all of the listings have no required cost to attend. Some events request / accept donations—we only list events where donations are truly voluntary. Some events may have supplemental portions that are not free. Some events may not have free parking (e.g., on the University of Missouri campus during weekday work hours or downtown).
  • Calendar: The calendar is available at the top of the home page. See About—Calendar for more info about calendar listings.
  • Regularly Available page: Because of the number of unique events on the calendar, events that repeat are listed here to keep the calendar easier to view.
  • First Visit Free and Volunteer Experience pages: Like the Regularly Available page, these pages provide info on more activities, to keep the calendar easier to view.
  • Blog: This is for adding insight to upcoming events, and to review events that have already happened. If you attend an event listed in the blog, we would love to hear your feedback or experience with the event. For example: Why was it worth attending or not worth attending (or in between).

Rebecca DeCourley and Paul Berg
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