So…are these activities and events really free? Well, yes …and no.

They are free for you to attend.
Note: (FCMo) does set a limit of $1.00 for “almost free” events, so there are a few events that do have a small cost.

Events sponsored by public and government entities are often funded with part of your taxes. In this case, you have already paid–take advantage of them!

Events sponsored by businesses are funded by that business, and are offered for public service or for advertising purposes. If you appreciate a business and what they offer, then you know where to spend your shopping dollars.

Nonprofit organizations have free events for public service or for promotion. They are funded by donations. only posts events in which donation requests are truly optional. If you appreciate an organization or event, and you are able to donate, supporting that organization assists them with continuing their offerings.

As for you, the participant–costs include your time, and maybe gas and parking. As mentioned above, your taxes also pay for many activities from the City of Columbia, Boone County, State of Missouri, and colleges / universities.

Hopefully, you are enjoying the many wonderful fun and educational activities available for people of all ages in Columbia!

The website here is also free… but we are doing this in our spare time and our own research and money, and anything you can do to help us continue–donations (buttons on the right), and/or event information we do not have or feedback ([email protected])–is appreciated. Thank you for using FCMo!