The Museum of Anthropology on the Mizzou Francis Quadrangle (Swallow Hall) has a great summer series of classes for kids (grades 1-5) on Oceania, looking at the people, their history, and culture, both ancient and modern. Yesterday was Polynesia (mostly Hawaii), today was Melanesia (mostly Australia), and tomorrow is Papua New Guinea (also Melanesia). The kids get to look at artifacts from the area (today’s were a 1904 atlatl and a boomerang), watch a video (today on the Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent), learn geography, interesting facts, and native words, play a game connected to the culture, and build a craft (today they built didgeridoos). It was lots of fun and a good learning experience for the kids. Registration is required.

Culture of the World Classes are offered every semester. Contact Jessica Boldt, 573-882-3573; BoldtJ@missouriedu.