If you are like us, you have been watching for the Saturday Morning Science (SMS) schedule this semester. We just found out this afternoon that SMS will start late this semester, and the first talk with be “The evolution of cooperation, or why we are (sometimes) nice to each other” by Dr. Karthik Panchanathan from the Department of Anthropology, scheduled for February 28, 2015. The full schedule will be announced when it is available, and will be added to the FCMo calendar.

If you have never been, we highly recommend Saturday Morning Science! This is a wonderful, public-friendly talk by researchers on topics of general interest, and includes information on their own research. SMS is for all ages, not just for kids. Note: If younger children can have quiet drawing/coloring-type activities, even they can often sit through the talks. The talks last about an hour with Q&A time at the end. The series is offered on the MU campus in Monsanto Auditorium, Bond Life Sciences Center, on most Saturdays during the fall and spring semesters. Bonus: Get there early and have donuts or bagels with coffee or juice. Since no food or drink is allowed in the auditorium, allow time to finish eating before the talk. Parking is free in the MU parking garages. Virginia Avenue Garage is the closest, and generally the best place to park. If there is a home football game, and especially if other events are going on that weekend, University Avenue Garage is the best alternative.

If you miss a talk, all of them are recorded, so you do not have to miss out. Talks from previous semesters are in the Multimedia section of the Saturday Morning Science page. Alternately, many talks are available for free on iTunes.