(Photo: Adalberto Roque, AFP)

Early morning (but not too early), on Saturday, April 4, about 7 am, you can view the next lunar eclipse! This will be the shortest lunar eclipse of the century, lasting only about five minutes. Locally, it is possible we will not see the absolute total eclipse as the moon is also setting about this time. This “Blood Moon” is third total eclipse of the 2014–2015 tetrad (Apr 15, 2014 / Oct 8, 2014 / Apr 4, 2015 / Sep 28, 2015). A lunar tetrad is rare, and is a series of four lunar eclipses that occur six months apart.

From 5 am until about 7 am CDT, NASA TV will offer live video and NASA astronomer Mitzi Adams will take questions via Twitter @NASA_Marshall. Use the hashtag #eclipse2015 to send your questions.

Central Daylight Time (April 4, 2015)
Partial umbral eclipse begins: 5:16 am CDT
Total eclipse (totality) begins: 6:58 am CDT
Greatest eclipse: 7:00 am CDT
Total eclipse (totality) ends: 7:03 am CDT
Partial eclipse ends: 8:45 am CDT

More information:

Save the Date for the final total eclipse of this tetrad on September 28, 2015!

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